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Learning is one of the keys to success. Mel teaches using several plat forms including in person seminars, free webinars and online classes 


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Join us on May 11 as we discuss the Keys to Success and Happiness. The event is hosted by Mel M. Andre the CEO of Skill and Will Fitness, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. During the event, Mel will show the audience what tools and "keys" she used to become successful. She will also discuss how you do not have to trade your happiness for success.

During Mel's time as a life coach, she has seen many unhappy successful people and she has also met some extremely successful people who are happy and fulfilled in their life. While coaching and mentoring these people she learned some of the key differences between the successful people who were very happy and those who weren't. During this event, Mel shares these secret's with the audience.

This event will also feature several guest speakers who will share their experiences with success and happiness.

Guest Speaker
Melanee Williams Spiritual Coach

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